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PCS Ejector Sleeve Extensions give added length to sleeves quickly and inexpensively. Four standard lengths are available for more versatility. PCS Standard Sleeve Extensions are designed to be compatible with PCS Standard Sleeves.


  • Lengthens Sleeves quickly and inexpensively
  • Four Lengths available

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Specifications *

* Applicable to all items below
FeatureSize / Details
A Pin Clearance Hole Diameter Tolerance+.002 -.000
B Pin Head Clearance Hole Diameter Tolerance+.005 -.000
C I.D. Tolerance+.03 -.00
D Extension O.D. Tolerance+.000 -.002
Etched for IdentificationNo
Extension Head Thickness Tolerance+.000 -.002
H Head Diameter Tolerance+.000 -.010
Head TypeRound
L Shoulder Length Tolerance+.005 -.000
Material Type12L14
T Pin Head Clearance Thickness Tolerance+.002 -.000
Unit of MeasureInch

Available Ejector Sleeve Extensions

Item NumberA Pin Clearance Hole Diameter - Sleeve extensionB Pin Head Clearance Hole DiameterC I.D.D Extension O.D.Extension Head ThicknessH Head Diameter Library Price Buy Now
SLX13-200.1930.3850.1710.6250.25.875 Download 23.99 Add
SLX13-250.1930.3850.1710.6250.25.875 Download 23.99 Add
SLX13-300.1930.3850.1710.6250.25.875 Download 26.41 Add
SLX15-200.2240.4160.1710.6250.25.875 Download 23.99 Add
SLX15-250.2240.4160.1710.6250.25.875 Download 23.99 Add
SLX15-300.2240.4160.1710.6250.25.875 Download 26.41 Add
SLX17-200.2550.4480.1710.6250.25.875 Download 23.99 Add
SLX17-250.2550.4480.1710.6250.25.875 Download 23.99 Add
SLX17-300.2550.4480.1710.6250.25.875 Download 26.41 Add
SLX17-350.2550.4480.1710.6250.25.875 Download 28.86 Add
SLX17-400.2550.4480.1710.6250.250.875 39.10 Add
SLX21-200.3180.510.2180.8750.251.125 Download 23.99 Add
SLX21-250.3180.510.2180.8750.251.125 Download 23.99 Add
SLX21-300.3180.510.2180.8750.251.125 Download 26.41 Add
SLX21-35 28.86 Add
SLX23-200.3490.570.250.8750.251.125 Download 23.99 Add
SLX23-250.3490.570.250.8750.251.125 Download 23.99 Add
SLX23-300.3490.570.250.8750.251.125 Download 26.41 Add
SLX25-200.380.630.280.8750.251.125 Download 23.99 Add
SLX25-250.380.630.280.8750.251.125 Download 23.98 Add
SLX25-300.380.630.280.8750.251.125 Download 26.41 Add
SLX25-350.380.630.280.8750.251.125 Download 28.86 Add
SLX29-200.4430.6980.3410.251.250 Download 29.71 Add
SLX29-250.4430.6980.3410.251.250 Download 23.99 Add
SLX29-300.4430.6980.3410.251.250 Download 26.41 Add
SLX29-350.4430.6980.3410.251.250 Download 28.86 Add
SLX33-200.5050.760.4110.251.250 Download 29.71 Add
SLX33-250.5050.760.4110.251.250 Download 29.71 Add
SLX33-300.5050.760.4110.251.250 Download 26.41 Add
SLX33-350.5050.760.4110.251.250 Download 28.86 Add