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PCS Nitrided Ejector Pins are manufactured from precision ground hotwork steel. The surface hardness of each pin is nitrided to 65 - 74 Rc with a core hardness of 40 - 45 Rc.


  • Precision ground hotwork steel
  • Surface nitrided to 65 - 74 Rc
  • Core hardness of 40 - 45 Rc
  • 4 - 10 micro-inch finish minimizes wear & prolongs life
  • All heads annealed
  • All pin sizes with diameter greater than 3/32" are etched for easy identification
  • Cut to Length

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Specifications *

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FeatureSize / Details
Core Hardness40 - 45 Rc
Etched for IdentificationYes
H Head Diameter Tolerance+.000 -.010
L Overall Length Tolerance+.062 -.000
Material TypeHotwork Tool Steel
R Pin to Head Radius Tolerance1/32 max
Surface Hardness65 - 74 Rc
T Head Thickness Tolerance+.000 -.002
Unit of MeasureInch

Available Nitrided Ejector Pins - Oversized

Item NumberActual Pin DiameterActual Pin Diameter ToleranceAnnealed HeadD Nominal Pin DiameterH Head DiameterOversize Increments Library Price Buy Now
NP3-6 OS0.0357+.000/-.001Yes1/321/4.005 oversize Download 5.65 Add
NP5-6 OS0.067+.000/-.001Yes5/641/4.005 oversize Download 3.69 Add
NP7-10 OS0.0983+.000/-.001Yes3/321/4.005 oversize Download 6.36 Add
NP7-6 OS0.0983+.000/-.001Yes3/321/4.005 oversize Download 6.17 Add
NP8-10 OS0.1139+.000/-.001Yes7/641/4.005 oversize Download 6.36 Add
NP9-10 OS0.1295+.000/-.001Yes1/81/4.005 oversize Download 3.38 Add
NP9-14 OS0.1295+.000/-.001Yes1/81/4.005 oversize Download 3.82 Add
NP9-6 OS0.1295+.000/-.001Yes1/81/4.005 oversize Download 2.94 Add
NP10-10 OS0.1451+.000/-.001Yes9/641/4.005 oversize Download 4.18 Add
NP11-10 OS0.1607+.000/-.001Yes5/329/32.005 oversize Download 3.74 Add
NP11-14 OS0.1607+.000/-.001Yes5/329/32.005 oversize Download 4.54 Add
NP12-10 OS0.1764+.000/-.001Yes11/6411/32.005 oversize Download 4.41 Add
NP13-10 OS0.192+.000/-.001Yes3/163/8.005 oversize Download 3.87 Add
NP13-14 OS0.192+.000/-.001Yes3/163/8.005 oversize Download 4.46 Add
NP13-6 OS0.192+.000/-.001Yes3/163/8.005 oversize Download 3.19 Add
NP15-10 OS0.2233+.000/-.001Yes7/3213/32.005 oversize Download 4.21 Add
NP15-14 OS0.2233+.000/-.001Yes7/3213/32.005 oversize Download 4.96 Add
NP17-10 OS0.2545+.000/-.001Yes1/47/16.005 oversize Download 4.50 Add
NP17-14 OS0.2545+.000/-.001Yes1/47/16.005 oversize Download 5.34 Add
NP17-18 OS0.2545+.000/-.001Yes1/47/16.005 oversize Download 6.77 Add
NP17-6 OS0.2545+.000/-.001Yes1/47/16.005 oversize Download 3.65 Add
NP18-10 OS0.2701+.000/-.001Yes17/647/16.005 oversize Download 5.90 Add
NP19-10 OS0.2857+.000/-.001Yes9/327/16.005 oversize Download 4.95 Add
NP21-10 OS0.317+.000/-.001Yes5/161/2.005 oversize Download 5.40 Add
NP21-14 OS0.317+.000/-.001Yes5/161/2.005 oversize Download 6.63 Add
NP21-18 OS0.317+.000/-.001Yes5/161/2.005 oversize Download 8.29 Add
NP21-6 OS0.317+.000/-.001Yes5/161/2.005 oversize Download 4.49 Add
NP23-10 OS0.3483+.000/-.001Yes11/329/16.005 oversize Download 6.13 Add
NP25-10 OS0.3795+.000/-.001Yes3/85/8.005 oversize Download 6.76 Add
NP25-14 OS0.3795+.000/-.001Yes3/85/8.005 oversize Download 8.13 Add
NP25-18 OS0.3795+.000/-.001Yes3/85/8.005 oversize Download 10.77 Add
NP25-6 OS0.3795+.000/-.001Yes3/85/8.005 oversize Download 6.11 Add
NP27-10 OS0.4107+.000/-.001Yes13/3211/16.005 oversize Download 7.29 Add
NP27-14 OS0.4017+.000/-.001Yes13/3211/16.005 oversize Download 9.24 Add
NP29-10 OS0.442+.000/-.001Yes7/1611/16.005 oversize Download 7.90 Add
NP29-14 OS0.442+.000/-.001Yes7/1611/16.005 oversize Download 10.56 Add
NP31-10 OS0.4733+.000/-.001Yes15/323/4.005 oversize Download 8.70 Add
NP33-10 OS0.5045+.000/-.001Yes1/23/4.005 oversize Download 9.46 Add
NP33-14 OS0.5045+.000/-.001Yes1/23/4.005 oversize Download 12.34 Add