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This date stamp assembly are made of stainless steel. The Center Insert is always at the same level as the body of the date stamp. Diameters ranging 4 mm to 20 mm are available. Center Inserts are easily changed reducing downtime.


  • Includes body and center insert
  • Center insert sits flush within body
  • Designed for efficient installation and removal
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Provides excellent traceability

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Specifications *

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FeatureSize / Details
A Assembly Diameter Tolerance+.004 +.012
Hardness48 - 54 Rc
L Body Overall Length Tolerance-0.05
Material TypeINOX. 1.4034
Unit of Measuremm

Available Blanks

Item NumberA Assembly DiameterC Center Insert DiameterEngraved LetteringJ Insert Overall LengthL Body Overall Length Price Buy Now
DS 04BLANK-A42.2Arrow Only7.712 105.00 Add
DS 05BLANK-A53Arrow Only7.712 105.00 Add
DS 05BLANK-NA53No Arrow7.512 80.00 Add
DS 06BLANK-A63.2Arrow Only1720 109.00 Add
DS 06BLANK-NA63.2No Arrow1720 84.00 Add
DS 08BLANK-A84.7Arrow Only1720 109.00 Add
DS 08BLANK-NA84.7No Arrow1720 84.00 Add
DS 10BLANK-A105.7Arrow Only1720 109.00 Add
DS 10BLANK-NA105.7No Arrow1720 94.00 Add
DS 12BLANK-A126.7Arrow Only1720 116.00 Add
DS 16BLANK-A168.7Arrow Only1720 116.00 Add
DS 16BLANK-NA168.7No Arrow1720 98.00 Add
DS 20BLANK-A2010.7Arrow Only1720 123.00 Add
DS 20BLANK-NA2010.7No Arrow1720 98.00 Add