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E-Z Lifter™ Undercut Relief Systems are designed to eliminate blow back problems. The smooth pivoting motion inhibits galling and reduces wear to the lifter components and mold plates. Retainers come standard in three styles; healed, round and blind-pocket. These retainers are installed between ejector plates to save time and machining costs.


  • Smooth pivoting motion inhibits galling and reduces wear
  • Design eliminates blow back problems
  • Round, Heeled & Blind Pocket types available
  • Installed in ejector plate and retains actuator
  • Simple stationary retainer installed between the ejector plates saves time and machining costs

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Specifications *

* Applicable to all items below
FeatureSize / Details
D Tolerance-.0005 -.0008
H Tolerance+.002 -.002
KC Tolerance+.002 -.002
Surface Hardness50-52 Rc
T Tolerance+.000 -.002
Unit of MeasureInch
W Tolerance+.000 -.002

Available E-Z Lifters™ Retainers

Item NumberHKCProduct NameTWHeel Library Price Buy Now
BP-500.625.500E-Z Lifter TM Standard Series.5001.375 Download 44.55 Add
HR-250.5.375E-Z Lifter™ Standard Series.2500.625.281 Download 31.14 Add
HR-500.625.500E-Z Lifter™ Standard Series.5000.75.406 Download 34.76 Add
HR375RM0.345.245E-Z Lifter™ Compact Series Download 27.95 Add
HR625R0.406.281E-Z Lifter™ Standard Series Download 33.51 Add
HR750R0.406.281E-Z Lifter™ Standard Series Download 34.17 Add