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Leader Pins provide initial alignment of cavity and core halves. PCS Shoulder Guided Ejector Leader Pins are manufactured from 4150 steel. These pins come standard with a 7/8" press-fit length. These leader pins can be used with PCS standard bushings.


  • Provide initial alignment of cavity and core halves
  • Press-fit installation
  • Tolerances allow for mating with any standard PCS bushings
  • Case hardened steel
  • Designed for 7/8" Bottom Clamp Plate

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Specifications *

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FeatureSize / Details
Actual Pin Diameter Tolerance+.0000/-.0005
H Head Diameter Tolerance+.000/-.010
HardnessCase Hardened 58-60 Rc
L Overall Length Tolerance-.030/-.060
Material Type4150 Steel
PFL Press Fit Length7/8
S Press Fit Diameter Tolerance+.0005/-.0000
Shoulder Radius3/32 Max
T Head Thickness Tolerance+.000/-.015
Unit of MeasureInch

Available Shoulder Leader Pins - Guided Ejector

Item NumberActual Pin DiameterD Nominal Pin DiameterH Head DiameterL Overall LengthP Pin LengthS Press Fit Diameter Library Price Buy Now
004-GSP0.4991/20.8533-3/42-7/80.751 Download 19.82 Add
005-GSP0.4991/20.8534-1/43-3/80.751 Download 20.10 Add
006-GSP0.4991/20.8534-3/43-7/80.751 Download 20.55 Add
007-GSP0.4991/20.8535-1/44-3/80.751 Download 20.95 Add
105-GSP0.7493/41.254-1/43-3/81.126 Download 21.47 Add
106-GSP0.7493/41.254-3/43-7/81.126 Download 22.43 Add
107-GSP0.7493/41.255-1/44-3/81.126 Download 22.43 Add
108-GSP0.7493/41.255-3/44-7/81.126 Download 23.40 Add
305-GSP0.99911.54-1/43-3/81.376 Download 23.12 Add
306-GSP0.99911.54-3/43-7/81.376 Download 24.08 Add
307-GSP0.99911.55-1/44-3/81.376 Download 24.65 Add
308-GSP0.99911.55-3/44-7/81.376 Download 25.33 Add