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Tubular Dowel Pins are hardened and precision ground. They are used to align the B Plate, Support Plate and ejector housing. Tubular Dowels allow more room for cooling channels by superimposing the dowel pin and cap screw.


  • Aligns the “B” plate, support plate and ejector housing
  • Allows more room for waterlines by superimposing the dowel pin & cap screw
  • Hardened steel construction

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FeatureSize / Details
Material TypeAlloy Steel
Unit of MeasureInch

Available Tubular Dowel Pins

Item NumberI.DL Overall LengthNominal DiameterO.D. Library Price Buy Now
TD3-3750.260.3753/80.3752 Download 1.67 Add
TD3-8750.260.8753/80.3752 Download 1.78 Add
TD6-5000.3850.55/80.6252 Download 2.01 Add
TD6-13750.3851.3755/80.6252 Download 2.30 Add
TD6-18750.3851.8755/80.6252 Download 2.36 Add
TD6-23750.3852.3755/80.6252 Download 2.59 Add
TD7-3750.510.3753/40.7502 Download 2.07 Add
TD7-5000.510.53/40.7502 Download 2.13 Add
TD7-13750.511.3753/40.7502 Download 2.42 Add
TD7-18750.511.8753/40.7502 Download 2.59 Add
TD7-23750.512.3753/40.7502 Download 2.88 Add
TD7-28750.512.8753/40.7502 Download 2.93 Add
TD7-33750.513.3753/40.7502 Download 4.90 Add
TD7-38750.513.8753/40.7502 6.95 Add
TD8-5000.6350.57/80.8752 Download 2.30 Add
TD8-23750.6352.3757/80.8752 Download 3.05 Add
TD8-28750.6352.8757/80.8752 Download 3.11 Add