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PCS Solid Bronze Self Lubricating Guided Ejector Bushings are available in nominal diameters ranging from 3/4" to 2". The self-lubricating graphite plugs eliminate the need for grease which makes these bushings perfect for food grade, medical and high speed applications.


  • Bushings are stocked to dimensions & tolerances shown
  • Eliminates galling to leader pins
  • Keeps ejector assembly aligned
  • Extends the life of ejection components
  • Performs better than steel bushings
  • Aluminum bronze with graphite plugs

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Specifications *

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FeatureSize / Details
A Ejector Plate Length Tolerance+.00/ -.03
F Shoulder O.D. Tolerance+.010/-.010
H Press Fit O.D. Tolerance+.0005/-.0000
L Overall Length Tolerance+.00/-.03
M I.D. Tolerance+.0005/-.0000
Material TypeSolid Bronze, Self-Lubricating
S Slip Fit O.D. Tolerance+.000/-.001
T Rib Thickness Tolerance+.010/-.010
Unit of MeasureInch

Available Guided Ejector Bushings - Self-Lubricating

Item NumberA Ejector Plate LengthF Rib O.D.H Press Fit O.D.L Overall LengthM I.D.Nominal I.D. Library Price Buy Now
ME-75011.3021.12551-1/2.7513/4 Download 41.63 Add
ME-87511.4271.25051-1/2.8767/8 Download 42.75 Add
ME-10001-1/81.5521.37551-3/41.0011 Download 45.56 Add
ME-1000L1-5/81.5521.375521.0011 Download 49.27 Add
ME-12501-1/81.8021.62551-3/41.2511-1/4 Download 45.89 Add
ME-1250L1-7/81.8021.62552-1/21.2511-1/4 Download 55.59 Add
ME-15001-1/82.1772.00051-3/41.5011-1/2 Download 52.41 Add
ME-1500L1-7/82.1772.00052-1/21.5011-1/2 Download 63.24 Add
ME-20001-5/82.6872.50052-1/42.0012 Download 76.95 Add