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PCS Self Lubricating Bronze Die Bushings are precision ground. Nominal diameters ranging from 3/4" to 4-1/2" are available. The self-lubricating graphite plugs eliminate the need for grease which makes these bushings perfect for food grade, medical and high speed applications. D-Clamps and D-Screws are included with each bushing.


  • Also available B (diameter) supplied with +.015 grind stock
  • Plating thickness .004 - .005 per side
  • D-clamps & D-screws are included
  • Greaseless application
  • Perfect for use in Medical or Food grade applications
  • Reduce friction

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Specifications *

* Applicable to all items below
FeatureSize / Details
B Press Fit O.D. Tolerance+.0000/-.0002
D Overall Length Tolerance+.000/-.010
H Head Thickness Tolerance+.000/-.010
Material TypeSelf Lube Bronze Steel
Unit of MeasureInch

Available Die Bushings - Bronze Self-Lubricating

Item Number# Of Clamps & ScrewsA Head DiameterB Press Fit O.D.C Rib O.D.D Overall LengthE Clamp Screw Radius Off Centerline Library Price Buy Now
SCB-750-S21-5/161.1251-1/81-9/1655/64 Download 56.74 Add
SCB-750-L21-5/161.1251-1/82-5/1655/64 Download 83.52 Add
SCB-875-S21-9/161.3751-3/81-9/1663/64 Download 75.91 Add
SCB-875-L21-9/161.3751-3/82-5/1663/64 Download 91.54 Add
SCB-100-S31-3/41.51-9/161-7/81-5/64 Download 44.79 Add
SCB-100-L31-3/41.51-9/162-7/81-5/64 Download 66.90 Add
SCB-125-S32-1/81.751-15/162-3/81-17/64 Download 63.49 Add
SCB-125-L32-1/81.751-15/163-3/81-17/64 Download 72.72 Add
SCB-150-S32-3/822-3/162-3/81-25/64 Download 60.01 Add
SCB-150-L32-3/822-3/163-3/81-25/64 Download 89.50 Add
SCB-175-S32-5/82.252-7/162-7/81-33/64 Download 76.02 Add
SCB-175-L32-5/82.252-7/163-7/81-33/64 Download 100.31 Add
SCB-200-S42-15/162.52-3/42-7/81-43/64 Download 101.75 Add
SCB-200-L42-15/162.52-3/43-7/81-43/64 Download 113.66 Add
SCB-250-S43-3/833-3/1631-57/64 Download 107.88 Add
SCB-250-M43-3/833-3/1641-57/64 Download 152.78 Add
SCB-250-L43-3/833-3/1651-57/64 Download 162.78 Add
SCB-300-X63-7/83.53-11/1632-9/64 Download 128.46 Add
SCB-300-S63-7/83.53-11/1642-9/64 Download 193.10 Add
SCB-300-M63-7/83.53-11/1652-9/64 Download 170.45 Add
SCB-300-L63-7/83.53-11/1662-9/64 Download 279.08 Add
SCB-375-S64-7/84.54-11/1672-41/64 Download 314.99 Add