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Pre-wired Terminal Mounting Boxes come with all the necessary connectors and wiring for easy set up and service friendly maintenance.


  • Compatible with all industry standard ”G” Series® style temperature control modules and mainframe systems
  • Economical and rugged design
  • All necessary connectors included with pre-wired boxes

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Available Pre-Wired Terminal Mounting Boxes

Item NumberHM1M2OEM StyleXY Price Buy Now
VC-2TB-TS4.251.54.25PCS/DME4.882.75 284.41 Add
VC-5TB-TS4.251.58.031PCS/DME8.662.75 301.42 Add
VC-8TB-TS4.251.58.843PCS/DME9.472.75 315.48 Add
VC-12TB-TS4.251.59.906PCS/DME10.532.75 328.26 Add
PTC5WTB-TS4.844.196.08PCS/DME7.135.13 309.00 Add
PTC8WTB-TS4.844.196.08PCS/DME7.135.13 319.30 Add
PTC12WTB-TS4.844.196.08PCS/DME7.135.13 324.45 Add
PTC12DWTB-TS4.844.196.08HBE24 Double Latch7.135.13 378.01 Add
PITC8WTB-TS4.844.196.08Generic7.135.13 394.49 Add
PITC12WTB-TS4.844.196.08Mold Masters7.135.13 417.15 Add
PICH6WTB-TS4.844.196.08DME High Power7.135.13 326.51 Add