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Product Image Mold End Blank Combination Terminal Mounting boxes TTM combination TTM
PCS Terminal Mounting Boxes are available both pre-wired and blank. Prewired Terminal Mounting Boxes come with all necessary connectors for easy set up and service friendly maintenance. Blank Terminal Mounting Boxes are perfect if you are looking for a more rugged and economical design.


  • Available Pre-Wired
  • Economical and rugged design
  • All necessary connectors included with pre-wired boxes

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FeatureSize / Details
Overall Height4.25

Available Blank Terminal Mounting Boxes

Item NumberConnectors AcceptedHM1M2OEM StyleX Price Buy Now
VC-1TB 46.35 Add
VC-2TB(2) CKPTIC- 61.80 Add
VC-5TBVC-5MPC, VC-5MTC4.251.58.031PCS/DME8.66 78.70 Add
VC-8TBVC-8MPC, VC-8MTC4.251.58.843PCS/DME9.47 78.70 Add
VC-12TBVC-12MPC, VC-12MTC4.251.59.906PCS/DME10.53 78.70 Add
PTCE5TBPICE5, MTCE54.11.58.84HBE10 Double Latch9.47 75.19 Add
PTCE8TBPICE8, MTCE84.11.59.91HBE16 Double Latch10.53 75.19 Add
PTCE12TBPICE12, MTCE124.11.512.17HBE24 Double Latch12.79 75.19 Add