Testimonial #1

80% Core

Bruce / Owner - Mold Builder 

“We recently tried a couple of 1/2-inch carbide ball end mills from PCS to see how they would work on profiling our ejector / knockout pins. We used them on the 30 - 35 Rc pins and they performed way better than expected. We found that it cut with absolutely no strain, no vibration, very little noise and gave a nice finish.  We also used them to profile our aluminum molds and they cut well at high speed.“

PCS Cutting Tools

Find out what Bruce already knows about PCS' 2 flute end mills. They provide a superior finish compared to the competition's 4 flutes. Our end mills perform exceptionally well in multiple materials while reducing chatter in deep profile finishing. 2 flute end mills are available up to 12 inches in length. 

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Testimonial #2

HOG 4 Flute Variable

TJ / Owner - Mold Builder

"The cutters performed very well, less vibration and was very pleased" using the PCS 4 flute ball and square end mills.

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